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The Wet Spray Soft Spray Bottle, 10oz.

The Wet Spray Soft Spray Bottle, 10oz.

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The Wet Spray Soft Bottle is not just a spray bottle. There isn’t a spray bottle out there that is cleaner, greener, and more flexible than this bottle. Each bottle of The Wet Spray Soft is equipped with an adjustable trigger heard. Easily fits belts for cutting aprons. Great for on-the-go convenience. This spray bottle is green because it’s reusable, lightweight, and uses fewer materials than any other spray bottle. It is made with zero BPA. Compared to a hand spray bottle of equal volume, the Wet Spray weighs 80% less and takes up a mere 1/5 of the space when empty. When full the Wet Spray bottle stands up. When empty, it rolls up and fits anywhere you want it to fit.

Comes in Barber or Moustache print!

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