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Red Deer by CHI Blade Head Pro Zero No. 1

Red Deer by CHI Blade Head Pro Zero No. 1

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Fixed Zero Cut blade head made of laser-ground stainless steel with 0.2 mm cutting length. The separately available Zero Cut Blade drives this precision to the top: with a cutting length of 0.2 mm it enables a result close to a shave. The length is firmly locked. Your workflow is not interrupted, because the Barber Clipper No.1 and precision cutter heads are designed for quick changes. With the quick-release mechanism you can clip the heads on and off again in seconds – because in the barber shop nothing should stand between a barber and his creations.
  • 0.008 in (0.2 mm) cutting length
  • Possible to make skin fades with the same clipper by changing the blade in seconds
  • Absolut precision with your tool
  • It is not even possible to cut shorter
  • No risk to hurt someone
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