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King Midas

King Midas Neck Dusters

King Midas Neck Dusters

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Never let your clients walk out with hair on their face or in their ears again! King Midas Neck Dusters won't smear hair around, they will quickly wipe them away. These barber neck dusters are crafted solely for professional barbers & stylists.


  • Solid Wood Base- This neck duster brush has a solid wooden handle that is easy to grasp and fits snug in the palm of your hand. A perfect fit on any station. 

  • Special Hand Made Bristles- This neck duster brush will remove hair from the skin effectively and swiftly. It is non- irritating and made to feel comfortable to the neck and face. 

  • Easy To Sanitize- Simply spray lightly with a disinfectant and dry. Avoid oil-based solutions to clean this hair duster. 

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