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L3VEL3 Hair Spritz Spray

L3VEL3 Hair Spritz Spray

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Boost shine, protect hair, and lock fibers in place with our multitasking spritz hair spray.

At home or in your barber shop, no hairstyle is complete without a final spritz of something luxe. Finishing with a pro-level spray helps to shield hair against the elements while adding natural shine. Bonus points if the formula is lightweight and non-sticky but still keeps strands where they should be. Well, our hair spritz is a winner on all counts. It delivers flexible yet secure styling hold, protects against damage, tames frizz, and gives gloss for days. It’s a versatile spray suitable for natural hair and freshly-applied hair fibers.  

Key Features

  • Lightweight formula with soft, flexible all-day hold
  • Locks hair fibers in place for longer-lasting results
  • Tames flyaways and frizz while adding natural shine
  • Protects hair against heat and sun damage
  • No stickiness or residue for touchably soft hair

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Secure any style in seconds with our soft-hold, shine-boosting hair spritz. It’s ideal for keeping unruly, natural hair in place. It’ll also help your hair building fibers stay put for longer. Whether you want a product to spritz on before stepping out to hustle, or a finishing spray to elevate your client’s experience – this is The One.

We’ve introduced our spritz holding spray, now let’s talk about the hold. It’s not so soft that you’ll need to reapply every hour. What a pain in the undercut that’d be. And it’s not so strong that it creates the crispy stiffness best left in the early noughties. Instead, this spritz has a flexible hold that lasts all day long, without making hair feel sticky or hard. The formula is lightweight and gentle, leaving no unsightly and gross residue. It keeps frizz and flyaways in check too, so even wild hair types stay sleek.

Flexibility is great for natural hair, but what about the fake stuff? Our spritz is an excellent fiber hold spray, as it locks fibers in place for a neat and lasting finish. It also adds a hint of shine that doesn’t look greasy or overly glossy. So even if you’ve filled in the blanks or built up a style with powdered fibers, hair will look natural and healthy.

Of course, the key to great-looking hair is to protect it before you even start styling. Used on dry or damp hair, our spritz helps to prevent damage caused by heated styling tools and the sun’s rays. Protection, hold, shine… we told you this spray was a multitasker.

100ml. Soft hold strength rating. All-day hold.

How to Use:

  • Shake can well before use
  • Hold can 18 inches away from hair
  • Spray lightly and evenly
  • Reapply as needed

Works Great With…
Our Hair Spritz and Hair Fibers are a match made in heaven. After applying hair fibers, finish with a coat of spritz to lock in the look. Barbers, give your clients the VIP treatment by offering a L3VEL3 Face Shield Protector before you start spritzing.

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