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King Midas

King Midas Barber Combs Collection

King Midas Barber Combs Collection

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The King Midas Barber Combs are made for precision fading and blending, clipper over comb and 90 degree angle cuts. These are designed for every day use with clipper and shear techniques as well as for parting and styling hair and texturizing. The handle is ergonomic and provides a secure grip while in use.

Barber Comb Features:

  • The King Midas professional barber & hair styling comb set includes 1 Taper Comb, 1 All-Purpose Cutting Comb, 1 Blending (Flat Top) Comb, & 1 Wide Tooth Styling Comb. This set provides everything you need to execute a professional hair cut.

  • King Midas Combs are non- slip and able to withstand heat.
    These Carbon infused combs are very solid and durable but feel lightweight.
  • Our Combs remain static-free on all hair types. These combs are perfect for removing bulk on wet or dry hair, with a clipper, shears, or for just styling any hair textures, lengths & beards.

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