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Campbell's Mexico Flag Barber Cape

Campbell's Mexico Flag Barber Cape

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Show Your Pride in Style: Campbell's Mexico Flag Barber Cape

Celebrate Mexican heritage and add a touch of flair to your barber shop with the Campbell's Mexico Flag Barber Cape! This stylish cape features the vibrant colors of the Mexican flag, making a bold statement and showcasing your support.

More than just a conversation starter:

  • Durable & Easy-Care: Crafted from water-resistant polyester, this cape repels spills, shrugs off stray hairs, and is wrinkle-free for a consistently polished look.
  • Comfortable for Clients: The lightweight material drapes comfortably, ensuring your clients feel relaxed during haircuts.
  • Universal Fit & Secure Closure: The 45" x 60" size provides ample coverage for all clients, while the convenient snap closure keeps the cape securely fastened throughout the haircut.

The Campbell's Mexico Flag Barber Cape is a perfect choice for barbers who want to:

  • Celebrate Mexican culture
  • Create a unique atmosphere in their shop
  • Offer a comfortable and stylish experience for their clients
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