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Barbicide Brush Delite Hair Eliminator 7oz

Barbicide Brush Delite Hair Eliminator 7oz

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  • King Research Brush Delite is a unique powder that dissolves hair from plastic combs, nylon bristle brushes and Velcro rollers fast without harm.
  • Helps remove styling product build-up and prolong the life of the brush or comb.
  • The economical solutions lasts five to seven weeks and costs less than six cents per use.
  • Cleans hundreds of brushes and thousands of rollers.


  • Use only for plastic handled Nylon bristle brushes.
  • Use rubber or plastic gloves. NEVER bare hands.
  • DO NOT use on natural bristle brushes or on metal or wooden handle brushes.
  • DO NOT mix with any other chemicals or cleaning compounds.
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